Homesteading and Horticulture


"At home, I serve the kind of food I know the story behind." 

--Michael Pollan



Nicophyta is the creative project of Nicole Lefebvre: a graduate of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College with a B.Sc.(Agr) Plant Science. Nicole's passion for plants, gardening, and sustainability influence all of her decisions pertaining to the food, products, and services Nicophyta offers our community. 

What does "Nicophyta" mean? 

When it comes to plants, Nicole is unapologetically nerdy and the name of her business is a prime example of this. Nicophyta is the combination of her name ("Nico") with the latin suffix "phyta" commonly used in botanical nomenclature when classifying plant species. Nicophyta is essentially Nicole's "botanical nickname" that was bestowed upon her by a fellow plant nerd while attending Agricultural College (thanks Pam!). 


What is Nicophyta all about? 

At its core, Nicophyta is about educating and empowering our community to make healthy & sustainable ​lifestyle choices. 

Nicophyta strives to provide nourishment for your body, inside and out! This takes the shape of offering plant-based foods through small-scale gardening and foraging excursions. We also have an extensive line of handmade skincare/bath products that are created with locally-sourced animal fats and infused with locally-grown & foraged herbs/flowers.



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