Herbal Bath and Body

Nicophyta offers an extensive line of handmade skincare and bath products, created with all-natural ingredients sourced as close to home as possible. 

Animal fats have been traditionally used in soap making and skincare for generations, and are an excellent local option when sourcing fats in a Northern climate like Canada. Aside from the local appeal, animal fats also offer an extensive array of minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids that are incredibly beneficial for skin health.


Nicophyta embraces this homesteading tradition, and all of our soaps, balms, scrubs, and creams are created with beef tallow, rendered from beef fat that is sourced from Almonte, Ontario

Another traditional homesteading practice used in our products is herbal infusion. This is the process of soaking herbs in warmed oil and allowing the healing properties of the herbs to infuse into that oil. Once the infusion time is complete, the herbs are strained out and the resulting oil is used in the product, adding even more beneficial compounds to the already impressive beef tallow! 

Nicophyta uses these traditional homesteading practices to develop time-tested, quality products while also incorporating some modern fun and flare to the mix!

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Nicophyta is a producer of microgreens: nutrient-dense, flavour-packed herbs and veggies harvested at an early stage. 

Microgreens come in a variety of vibrant colours and beautiful shapes, adding a gorgeous flare to any meal. These tiny greens pack a power flavour-punch, and you only need a little to really spice up your meal! In addition to looking and tasting great, they are extremely nutritious and have been tested to contain up to 40x the nutrient concentration of their mature counterparts. 

Wholesale options available for chefs and retail; contact us at info@nicophyta.com for more information. 

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